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oxmlox (Lee Min A )  - visual artist

I am virtual playground maker

I draws and creates imaginations that come to mind at the moment.
i creates a virtual story and puts it into reality.

Through this, I hope that we will face a little more interesting situation while living in reality.

i express idea freely over various genres of art, and the materials . I use mainly include metal, ceramics, illustrations, wood, and photos or video.

so i useually make visual arts by flat,   three-dimensional or static and moving objects.


i think everything starts with one emotion.

And it seems that the thoughts of us living in the world also begin with one emotions.

It's such an important emotion, but in life, there are times when you lack understanding of emotions. If you don't understand your feelings, it's hard to understand others' feelings. Emotions that you don't understand can lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, and hurt each other. I want to help you understand these feelings, and I want everyone to understand their feelings and understand others' feelings. If that happens. I think our world will be able to live a happier world.

I am working on visual arts with this purpose.

"The Surface of the Heart" series, which expresses strange feelings that run around in the mind without realizing it

And the "Veranda Tomato" series with empty hearts

<Sparkling Virtual Sculptures> series that expresses a hard and sensitive mind. and so on

All of my works and projects are made by attaching imaginary stories based on emotions.

It's surreal that the audience realizes the emotions that are playing in their minds while watching my work and explores the unknown areas of their minds that they didn't even know. I'm trying to have a fantastic experience.

Directions of current work: Focusing on the purpose of helping understand emotions, we create works by connecting various genres of visual art so that the audience can feel various senses that can arouse emotions.

For example, digital. Photography, graphics, animation) and handcrafted analog media (planar painting, metal stereoscopic). We're making visual art videos by mixing wood sculptures, ceramic sculptures.

If each project has been carried out in various fields of visual arts since 2018, works within the past three years have linked the relationship between the media of various visual arts genres.

사이트 첨부-01.jpg


2023.05.11~05.14 Italy, Torino, Visual design festival, Grapplic day torino, performance, sound design exhibition

2023.4.12 Italy, Treviso, Benetton Research Residency, Fabrica, Experimental Music, Installation, Performance Exhibition  

2023.04.07 Experimental Music Performance Exhibition at Treviso Complex Cultural Space (Spaxio X) in Italy


2023.03.28~04.11 Italy, Benetton Research Residency, (Fabrica) Gurup Exhibition


2022.12.20~1223 Monthly Design COEX Design Festival Exhibition, Best Young Designer Selected

December 3, 2022, sponsored by the Nowon Cultural Foundation (Dream of becoming a Star) book is published 


2022.11.17 ~ 11.18 Korea Creative Content Agency Exhibits Unbounded Content Unbounded Possibilities 

2022.11.04-11.08 Heart Heart Foundation, Sewoon Hall. Barrier-free group exhibition 


2022.09.16~09.18 Nowon-gu, LOLOLO Art Fair Exhibition Exhibition of Young Artists 

2022.08.23~08.25 Fringe Festival, Placemak 3 

                                 <Let's Walk on the Surface of Mind> Experimental Movie Screening and Sculpture, Painting, and DJ Complex Exhibition


2022.03.07~22.03.08 Upbit, World Text Symphoria, NFT Exhibition and Auction Bid.



20211231 ~22.02.02. Publishing City. Gallery Ji Jihyang Invited Two Young Artists' Pair Exhibition


​2021.13 - 12.26 COEX The Seoul Illustration Fair v. 12, Seoul

2021. 12.3~12. 9 Nowon Cultural Foundation. Nowon Cultural Foundation. Nowon Human Library <Small but Special People's Story Exhibition>



2021. 10.29~11.05 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, Weenu Gather Town "Art Up LAB results sharing < i am _ artist > exhibition



2021.10.12 ~ 11. 10 Your Tomorrow Special Exhibition / Invitational Exhibition, a new touchpoint of art - ON:ME! ( Online exhibition


​2021.9.13 ~ 10.13 Korea Creative Content Agency (kocca), Wave Special Pavilion.

Final entry in "Social Value Short Form Video Contest"


Screened in full version at the Wave Special Theater

2021. 8.25 ~ 8.28 COEX , The Seoul Illustration Fair11 at HALL D ( veranda tomato artist ), Seoul


2021. 8.12 ~ 8.15 Seoul City . World Character Symposia Foundation. Metaverse exhibition space ‘Somnium Space Exhibition’

2021.03 ~2021.04 Nowon Cultural Foundation. 2021 New Artists of Visual Arts, Thesop Gallery

2021.03 ~2021.03 Nowon Cultural Foundation. 2021 New Artists in Visual Arts, Nowon Art Gallery

2020.09 ~2020.11 Art Talk: Questions and Answers on and Offline Posters Arko Art Museum Online Exhibition

2020.07 ~2020.08 Monthly exhibition in July. Local Art Spot Open Studio. Nowon-gu

2019.12 ~2019.12 Craft Trend Fair 2019 at COEX HALL A ,(Digital Craft Group Exhibition)

2019.11 ~2019.11 One and only Dongduk Women's University Graduation Exhibition. Dongduk Art Gallery

2019.07 ~2019.08 Andromeda Shop Art Market Exhibition. Palais de Seoul. Seochon Gallery

2019.01 ~2019.02 Question Two illustrators invitation exhibition, Gallery Vinci. Bangbae-dong Gallery

2018.12 ~2018.12 The Seoul Illustration Fair. Coex Hall C Exhibition (Veranda Tomato Artist)

2016.12 ~ 2016.12 Exhibition Activities COEX Craft Trend Fair 2016 COEX HALL A


2023.03~In Progress) Italian n Benetton Research Residency  Fabrica Graphic Media Artist Selected Writer 

2020.05.03~05.06 Incheon Cultural Foundation, <Incheon Youth Monthly Residency City> for young creators, young creators 

2020.06.01 ~ 2020.12.30 Local Art Spot Open Studio, Local Lab <Railroad Art Project Residency> Resident Artist.



2022.12.20 코리아디자인 어워드 신인상

2022.10.04 노원구 2022 탈축제 패션쇼 수상


2021.11.13 문화체육관광부. 경북콘텐츠랩. " 어플리케이션 기획 창업캠프" / 예술과 앱 융합 프로젝트 (

별 ,공상의 놀이터) 최우수상 수상

2021 .8.14 한국콘텐츠진흥원 사회적 가치 숏폼 영상 공모전 "코미디&애니메이션" 장르 수상

2021. 7. 30 서울시. 세계문자연구소 . 제 6회 세계문자심포지아 신세기_문짜 NFT작품 공모 수상

2020.12.18 서울 50 플러스 센터 ( 노원점 ) ,개관 4 주년 캐릭터공모전 대상

2020.12.01 특허청. d2b 디자인 페어 주얼리디자인부분 입선

2019.11.24 한국디자인협의회 , 제 48 회 전국대학(원)생 디자인대전 특선

2019.11.13 동덕여자대학교 졸업전시 금속부분 최우수상

2017.04.27 한국텍스타일디자인협회 제 28 회 대한민국텍스타일디자인대전 입선

2022.05.16~11.19 Contents of the Heart Heart Foundation Creative Talent Project Creative Trainees Selection Creators Activities

2022.05.23~08.25 Fringefest Bee Participating Artist Activities.

2021.12.01 ~ 2022.12.12 Nowon Cultural Foundation Cloud Funding Contest Selected Artist, Art Book Publishing Project <Dream of becoming a star planet> Published


2021.11.06 ~ 11.13 Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Gyeongbuk Contents Lab. "Application Planning Startup Camp" activity


2021. 10.25 ~ 11.24 Incheon City. reinforcement. Ganghwa Country Store Collaboration Creator Activity


2021.10.25 Gunpo City, Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education, Surisan Sangsang Village Art Learning Lecture.



2021.10.23 Seoul. Event hosted by Nowon-gu Residents' Association, and lecture class at the Earth Village Dream Class.


2021. 10. 08 ~ 12. Nowon Cultural Foundation. Nowon Human Library <Small but Special People's Story Exhibition> Artist. activity


2021.9.24 ~ 10.14 Gyeonggi-do. Yangju Culture and Arts Center. Short-term project for the poster design of Ucchin Jang's picture play


2021.9.28 ~ 10.12 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Network of Arts Office <Art Office Salon> 'Adventure art sharing machine' activity


2021.9.24~9.30 Seoul Yongsan-gu Cheongpa-ro Cafe (A coincidence) Pop-up store .Exhibition project


2021.8.7 ~ 10.30 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul ,weenu "Art Up LAB: Beginning of Social Art Planner" activity


2020.11 ~ 2021.01 Autometa Toy production autometa project. (Fart's Dream) Nowon Madeulsang Playground


2019.05 ~2019.05 Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art “Caricature Illustration” Short-Term Project


2016.11 ~2016.11 Children's Grand Park “Caricature Illustration” short-term project



2016.05 ~ 2016.09 Interior design and production project, Yongsan, Digital Blacksmith


news, ineterview

2024 아티스트 이민아 개인전 ‘…이탈리아의 햇빛을 마셔요’ 눈길

2024년 6월호  디자인하우스 , 월간디자인  필드뉴스;_txt=

2022년 12월호  디자인하우스 , 월간디자인  인터뷰 

다재다능한 시각예술가의 디자인 실험 이민아;_txt=

 2021.12.30.   sports trend news article
                파주 지혜의숲, 오늘부터 ‘젊은 작가 일러스트 페어전’ 열어 (

 2021.12.30.   sports trend news article
                파주 지혜의숲, 오늘부터 ‘젊은 작가 일러스트 페어전’ 열어 (

 2021.12.30.   sports trend news article
                파주 지혜의숲, 오늘부터 ‘젊은 작가 일러스트 페어전’ 열어 (

 2021.12.30.   sports trend news article
                파주 지혜의숲, 오늘부터 ‘젊은 작가 일러스트 페어전’ 열어 (

 2021.12.30.   sports trend news article
                파주 지혜의숲, 오늘부터 ‘젊은 작가 일러스트 페어전’ 열어 (

2020.11.13  Interview with Gongneungan Village Newspaper

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