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<DREAM OF BECOMING A STAR-PLANET> is a picture book for someone who is anxious and tired. Coming out of the veranda tomato project, this book is about healing reality by looking at the stars and falling into a warm fantasy world.I hope your heart will be filled with peace through a book that contains the process of finding warmth in your imagination. and falling asleep comfortably

Dream of becoming a star art book

SKU: 364215375135191
  • hardcover art book

    Author: Minah Lee

    -Size: 300x170mm

    - Number of pages: 66

    -Language: Korean English

    ISBN: 9791197799051


    Hardcover Art Book

    Author: Lee Mina

    -Size: 300×170 mm

    - Number of pages: 66

    - Language: Korean and English

    ISBN: 9791197799051

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