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Chewy buddy of

the alien friends.

Lee Min-a

In this soft world, I think it will always be soft and moist.  

There is also a very unexpected appearance that is very dry than expected and breaks easily, so you have to be very careful.  


This property, which is either very soft or very rough,  

Pretty attractive.  


fantasy outfit. Soft alien friends series  

  By building a fantasy world for someone who is weary,  break from reality.

The work was done to share the time.  


Put soil on top of it, knead it again, apply strength to the hands, and shape and smooth it by pressing it firmly.  

  Wait for it to dry and dig out the shape again.


Through countless refinements and manipulations, he creates alien friends who are swaying in reality.  

When working on a soft subject  I  Choose pottery.

Possible shapes unique to ceramics. Soft curves and organic shapes are often created.  

The contents of the pottery work that I uploaded are in the process of being organized, so I plan to organize more and post them later. previous 

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