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Hello Mr. Giovannni macello
Grass hopper

while I walked slowly to wake up ,

I met him suddenly.

He stare  at me quietly

I stare  at him calmly, too. 

As if we knew each other a long time ago

we looked at each other for a long time. 

As if I met someone we missed

대지 1-100.jpg

Nonverbal communication, which refers to communication methods


other than direct verbal expression, includes gaze processing,


facial expressions, hand movements, body language, and distance maintenance.   ​

Among these nonverbal communication methods, the method of


communication with Mr. Giovanni Macello was mainly the method of


delivering stories through gaze. 


a motionless gaze 

 sparkling eyes 

tiny movemont of body

Looking into each other's eyes 

We talked. 

in a very calm manner


We looked at each other for five minutes. 

a motionless posture 

I can see he moved a little bit from side by side 

But  Mr.Giovanni Macello didn't move that much 

I blew the wind for a moment. 

He stared at me in spite of my mischief. 

He has a pretty serious personality. 



The above story is a project that I started experimenting with in the Benetton Research Residency.

700 million years ago, humans and other beings evolved from one root.


I started this project because we wondered if we could remember


the language we communicated in the past, even though we were


subdivided into our own languages and behaviors.  


I tried a lot of different ways to talk to insects, and you can see the record


through the green button above.


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