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Hello Mr. Silvio Lee
Asian long-horned beetle

One bite, two bites, slowly eating food


 When I first met him 

I thought I was dancing. 


a nodding head 

a noble angle 

slowly savoring food 

It was a performance in itself.

곤충 라인드로잉-13.png

The above story is a project that I started experimenting with in the Benetton Research Residency.

700 million years ago, humans and other beings evolved from one root.


I started this project because we wondered if we could remember


the language we communicated in the past, even though we were


subdivided into our own languages and behaviors.  

 We started an experiment by making a hypothesis that he might have

been a neighbor who was talking to a little ant that was passing under


his feet 700 million years ago. 

I tried a lot of different ways to talk to insects, and you can see the record


through the green button above.

This project wanted to talk about the boundaries between others and


individuals through the process of trying and understanding conversations


with other beings. 


I hope it will be a time to expand yourself through the process of talking to


insects and becoming friends. 


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