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Hello joao dos santos

( spanish slug  )

I found her moving slowly through the dripping raindrops of moist air. 

She hurried along as she talked, saying she had an appointment.  

She was constantly moving in her slow world. 

* See: Snails belong to the mollusk, not insects. 

However, while trying to talk to small beings less than 5cm in conversation with other beings, I worked on the project by including slugs, snails, and spiders together within the project called Conversation with insects.

곤충 라인드로잉-15.png

The time when the church bells rang eight times

the sound of bells falling with the sound of rain

She and I walking on it 

She moves steadily during the conversation.


Slow and gentle speech, continuous stories, and juicy conversations


Many too many conversations are difficult


because she has an appointment,


and she politely expressed a euphemistic smooth refusal. 

Her movements gave us a glimpse of her attitude


about how much she cherishes promises.


IMG_9083 2.HEIC

Nonverbal communication, which refers to communication methods


other than direct verbal expression, includes gaze processing,


facial expressions, hand movements, body language, and distance maintenance.   ​

Among these nonverbal communication methods, the method of


communication with Mr. Giovanni Macello was mainly the method of


delivering stories through gaze. 


a motionless gaze 

 sparkling eyes 

tiny movemont of body

Looking into each other's eyes 

We talked. 

in a very calm manner



The above story is a project that I started experimenting with in the Benetton Research Residency.

700 million years ago, humans and other beings evolved from one root.


I started this project because we wondered if we could remember


the language we communicated in the past, even though we were


subdivided into our own languages and behaviors.  

I tried a lot of different ways to talk to insects, and you can see the record


through the green button above.



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