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Hello Mr. Evangelista Bissacco

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Minalee Dialog with insect-03.jpg

The above story is a project that I started experimenting with in the Benetton Research Residency.

700 million years ago, humans and other beings evolved from one root.


I started this project because we wondered if we could remember


the language we communicated in the past.


I redefines the word "Dialogue" as "absorption and excretion of thoughts”, based on the psychological term “mirror effect”.


Through my different dialogues, I wanted to talk about the boundaries between oneself and others’ existence through an attempt to coverse with other beings. 


And I hopes it will invite spectators to expand themselves and their ideas surrounding language by talking to insects and becoming friends.


I tried a lot of different ways to talk to insects, and you can see the record


through the green button above.


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