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If you can see the depth of beauty,
digital painting /2019

Description of the work: As time goes by, beauty deepens.

If you follow the border of this design in a clockwise direction, small circles spiral toward the center and magnifying glass at various angles, turning into jewels. It tells the story of a beautiful rhythm as time goes by, as if the sparkling lights gradually gather, and gradually shines, becoming the transparent and most sparkling appearance.

This design means celebrating the seductive beauty of the passage of time.

Therefore, it is suitable for gifts on Parents' Day, Mother's Birthday, or Remind Wedding.

A more sophisticated and beautiful magnifying glass necklace was designed with the meaning of love felt in the two letters "Mom."

Taking the buyer's position as an example, it will be a gift that can always think about and express affection for the wearer from the perspective of a child or husband.

The material will be gold (14k), magnifying glass eggs, and semi-jewel birthstones, 30mm in diameter, 4mm in thickness on the side, and 8mm if the magnifying glass eggs are included.

Problem solving element:

The magnifying glass necklace so far was rough and looked like a necklace that replaced the magnifying glass glasses, which was designed so that the magnifying glass itself could be seen as a gem.

The jewel on the front puts the wearer's own color, and for example, it will be a special and meaningful gift that only has one, as you can choose your favorite color or birthstone and engrave your favorite color on the back.

This work is currently registered as a patent.

- D2B FAIR prize winner.

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