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If I can watch music,
Xylophone / 600×420×145 mm / copper, brass, iron, wood, coloring, Incisione / 2019.

It is an instrument that visualizes and expresses the process of accepting the invisible auditory element of "music" with the body.

In the process of visualizing auditory elements, a virtual story called "Turum mark" was created, and it is a xylophone containing the story.

In fact, when you tap an instrument, you can hear different scales.

(Summary of the story)
One note repeats, spins around, and comes into the eyes.
It's like a squid with ink in its eyes.
It is falling off.
The notes flying somewhere were full like a full bus.
As if the water in the cup evaporates, naturally somewhere...
I'm heading. Tuk. The place where it settled  in  arm.

I wrote down a story that gives me goosebumps as soon as I listen to the music)

Soon, we will upload a video of tapping the sound.

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