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A fairy who stole laughter on Christmas.

Created by Oxmlox

Where did all our sparkling smiles go?
There is a mischievous fairy who stole the laughter of Christmas.
Where did he hide our laughter?
On a small hill? In a green cup?
If you follow his footsteps, you will smile on your own.
Let's regain our laughter hidden by the fairy!
Let's meet on in this Christmas looking for laughter!

From December 3 to 25, 2021,
At the same time, IHAM Gallery in Paris, France, Metabus/Online (12/4-12/30) exhibited the "Christmas Noel Exhibition of Korean NFT Writers."
I am exhibiting new work in oxmlox.
I made a video with the concept of (a fairy who stole laughter on Christmas).

The Maison de Noel exhibition is...
✨At this gallery in Paris, France @galerieiham
✨ Open and watch simultaneously at @ihamnft
You can keep the NFT ART on display in Ethereum.;)
문의 >>> @ihamnft @galerieiham

The 1st Earth & Crypto union NFT show in Korea & France.
140 artists participate & telling you Christmas story.

Earth, Paris | Dec 3rd to 25th Gallery IHAM : 46 Boulevard Henri IV, 75004 Paris, more info

Meta-verse | Dec 4th to 30th KOREAN NFT :

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