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Fantstic setup / 1500*600*800mm (variable installation)
White clay, mountain white clay, primary clay, high-definition color pigment, collection/ 2019

<Fantastic attire> A fantastic dining table for tired modern people.

He made a small story to comfort him, and brought out and transferred the beings in the story to reality.

(Summary of the story) A feast of fantasy for tired Korean people who are gray people.

The work was created with stories of healing fantasy unfolding in a space in a virtual story.


A gray man dragged his feet home.
I have no taste for food.
He had dreamed of a crisp, sweet and sour day yesterday.
Instead of sighing, a bag of snacks.
One jelly.
Take off a candy.
He walks toward the small room.
The rustling sound makes my heart flutter like a child.

When you enter the room, you will be dressed in fantasy full of imagination.

fantastic setting
Excited Moon's Face, Muscular Bird, and Flying Dish
The paintings on the wall are made of cookies.
a jelly bowl with a hat pressed down to one's legs
a fantastic candy stand with a fantastic look on one's face
Glittering grapes and flying flag plates.

The pink air that fell between the windows became a cell phone cradle.

Music is played, and in the meantime, a small window becomes a saucer.
illusory dress
crunchy and sweet time

Lee Min-a

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