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후광 클로즈업.jpg

< halo body >
annotation/bronze, soldering, plating, cz, Incisione/2019

Work started with curiosity about the halo.

How does the halo in every love story look like?

With the beginning of such curiosity, an investigation into halo began, and not only love, but also the history of halo, which was called "aura" in the Middle Ages, began to be collected. 

I created a virtual image based on the contents I collected, and it was a shape that stimulated the five senses.

The image drawing was made into three dimensions and textured on the metal to create a body formation that gives a unique glittering and close-up feeling as if the sandy beach was shining.


Each chain was rolled by a thin rod, and it was burned one by one to be soldered, and many thin rings were completed through several failures.

Work process and collected data. The work will be uploaded later.


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